TWICE has a sleepover party for their latest ‘Fancy’ teasers

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As we know, whenever TWICE prepares for their return, we are always graced with so many teasers. This time is no exception. They have revealed all kinds of ‘Fancy‘ teasers. So, check it all out below!










They have revealed the new set of individual teasers. Unlike their previous individual teasers, this one is more on the soft side. It has that sleepover vibe in which they are dressed up in their casual outfits. The outfits we see them wearing is the ones they have worn for their previous group teaser. It definitely has you admiring all sides of them. What is also quite interesting is that they have not kept the camera angle consistent among the individual teasers. Rather, they change up of angles and style of the images keeps things quite interesting to look at.

They have revealed their first video teaser for ‘Fancy‘. It really doesn’t give much away. The sounds that are heard continues to go up high in frequency to sounds that you can’t detect. The video itself shows off a confined space that becomes quite fancy with the neon colours.

They went ahead and revealed their ‘Prelude’ video teaser. From this teaser, we see a serious Jeongyeon walking towards a bunch of roses before making quite an intense stare at it. The track that goes with it is quite upbeat, which is unlike the vibe of the video. It surely leaves you curious as to how all the teasers will tie up to one kind of concept.

Now, the members have returned to their cheery and bright side. This time, we are presented with their unit teasers. The way the image is taken gives it that personal and happy feeling. It definitely is the kind of images that we would love to see on a daily basis. Even though it is for their teasers, they are images that are taken quite naturally.

Their second set of unit teasers has them ready for the sleepover party. These images are so soft and one can’t help but admire how good they look with one another. It is great to see them in their natural zone and being themselves for the images.

They have also revealed the album packaging details. There is a total of three versions. Each version will come with the photobook, a fancy lenticular, a CD, five random photocards and a fancy sticker. To those who pre-order, you will also get a photocard set and a poster.

For those who are curious, they have given us a sneak peek into the photos they have chosen for their photocard, as well as how the CD cover will look like. They have presented to us Jihyo and Chaeyoung‘s photocard. It looks like there will be a range of black and white, as well as coloured images. They both look super beautiful in their images. While, they have chosen to reveal Momo‘s CD cover. She is seen embracing the first concept. She looks quite fancy and beautiful in this image.

Meanwhile, their latest teaser gives fans a look at the dance choreography. Each member is seen wearing different black outfits while doing huge moves that fit with the song. It looks like they have changed up their cutesy concept to a much more mature dance choreography. It definitely gets more excited than ever!

TWICE will make their hot return on April 22nd. Are you ready for this? Let us know in the comments below!

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