Treasure gets you ready for their debut with their D-DAY teasers

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Treasure is counting down to the final minutes to their upcoming debut with ‘The First Step: Chapter One’. So, we have covered many of their final teasers they have dropped. Check it out below!

In their D-2 teaser, we get that beautiful gradient of red and orange as the final members showcase their cool pose. They are seen wearing white outfits that blend in well with the background.

They have also dropped a choreography trailer. In the video, we get to see just how much they have put in to give us a perfect dance choreography. We get to hear their hardships and thoughts about this upcoming debut. One can’t help but get emotional as we finally get to see them make their debut. The black and white effect helps enhance this nostalgic memory.

In their D-1 poster, we see them posing together while wearing a range of casual and sporty outfits. They are all quite colourful while contrasts well with the blue to white gradient. It almost feels like it is an image that is taken outside on a bright summer’s day.

In their MV teaser, each member gets their time to shine as they run through different artistically pleasing scenes. It looks like they had quite a lot of fun filming this video. The song itself is quite upbeat and draws you in immediately. One can’t wait to hear the full track and how their vocals and rap verses sound on top of this track.

Finally, they have dropped the D-Day image where we get the portrait view of their D-1 image teaser. They are seen wearing the same outfit and posing at the same background. This time, they are more closely bunched together, showcasing how they fit together as a whole. It is an image that shows how cool they are altogether.

Meanwhile, they will make their hot debut on August 7th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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