TREASURE finally makes their debut with ‘Boy’

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Just days ago, YG Entertainment‘s new boy group TREASURE, finally made their debut with the release of the single album ‘The First Step: Chapter One‘ and the title track ‘Boy‘.

We, like many other fans, have been eagerly anticipating this release and it didn’t disappoint.

Boy‘ is a true collaboration track, it was composed by CHOICE37, HAE, Se.A, R.Tee, and members Choi Hyun Suk and Haruto participated in the rap making with lyrics by Se.A and CHOICE37. 

The song is powerful and dynamic, and is underpinned by a thumping electro beat. The combination of vocals and rap happens seamlessly and the song has an overall refreshing feel to it.

The MV that accompanies the track is BIG – really big – and lives up to the hype. Everything from the visuals of the members to the sets to the choreography has a big impact.


After the release of the MV, the group have now released the equally powerful dance practice clip for ‘Boy‘.

TREASURE ‘Boy’ dance practice

Shortly after it’s release, ‘Boy‘ topped iTunes top song charts in a total of 19 countries.

What do you think of TREASURE‘s ‘Boy‘? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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