The time for the NU’EST comeback is now!

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NU’EST is getting fans all excited about their comeback.

The group will be releasing a digital single on March 10. They released a mysterious image on March 10, which has the words ‘Fill It Up For Me Instead‘ (literal translation) written on white paper. The caption on the image revealed that this is the song’s title.

The song will be released on March 15 which just happens to be NU’EST‘s debut anniversary.

NU’EST teaser image

During a VLive broadcast earlier this week the group talked about their first comeback as a full five-member group in three years.

While we weren’t given any specific details of the album, they gave us some hints as to what to expect.

Baekho said, “Jonghyun‘s (JR) rap this comeback is really awesome. Please look forward to it.”

JR then added, “Minhyun‘s voice is very sweet, and Baekho, you know, is unquestionably NU’EST‘s main vocal.

Minhyun stated, “We didn’t give away any spoilers about the content of our new album. We finished recording, and we’ve completed everything to satisfaction.

NU’EST’s VLive

Pledis Entertainment had previously confirmed that NU’EST would be holding their first concert as a five member group at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena in April.

Are you excited to hear new material from NU’EST? Are you looking forward to the release of the digital single ‘Fill It Up For Me Instead‘? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

All Access Asia will keep you posted on details as they are released.

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