The boyz are unmasked in ‘Bloom Bloom’ dance practice video.

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‘Bloom Bloom’ is fast becoming one of my favourite songs right now so I was ecstatic when we found The Boyz latest dance practice video.

On the 6th of May we saw the release of the original “masked” video where the idols cosplayed different heroes (and melted my heart) giving a different take on dance practices and making it fun for our idols.

Bloom Bloom dance practice (hero version)

And in a fun twist, we now have the unmasked video where they reveal their true characters. Let’s watch that one below. One thing I loved about this video is Iron Man still has his mask on and Thor with his hammer, oh my.

Bloom Bloom “unmasked” dance practice video

There are also differences in the dances between the two. Can you spot the differences? I found about 6 but there may be more. Even so, With their super hero charm and wonderful dance moves we want more please! This concept is way too gorgeous for us.

Keep updated with The Boyz on their official website . Who’s your fave in this video? I can’t choose!

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