TARGET plead ‘Baby Come Back Home’

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TARGET have made their comeback with the release of their third single album ‘S The P: Story the Planet‘ and the title track ‘Baby Come Back Home‘.

Their last release ‘Beautiful‘ proved that the group can do sweet and soft romantic ballads and that perfect boyfriend look that we love.

However, with this release, the group have adopted an edgier and more powerful concept and sound. The song has a strong hip-hop beat that will pound right through you. ‘Baby Come Back Home‘ has a definite MONSTA X feel to it (especially the start of the song), which isn’t a bad thing at all!

The clip is charismatic and matches with the concept and vibe of the song perfectly. The choreography is probably the highlight for me with the members pulling off their hip-hop swagger perfectly.

TARGET ‘Baby Come Back Home’

What do you think of TARGET‘s comeback track ‘Baby Come Back Home‘? Do you like the change in sound they’ve adopted with this song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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