Taeyong is getting ready for a ‘Long Flight’

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As we told you a few days ago NCT‘s Taeyong is next up in the release schedule for SM Station.

The song called ‘Long Flight‘ is scheduled for release on July 18. The song is described as an R&B/hip-hop track and the lyrics will convey the message, ‘You won’t be bored if you go on a long flight with me‘.

In what will be Taeyong‘s first ever solo release, it has been revealed that he participated in composing and writing the lyrics for ‘Long Flight‘, which was produced by Royal Dive.

The latest teaser to be released gives us a look at the behind the scenes making of the MV for the track.

Taeyong ‘Long Flight’ behind the scenes

In the teaser images that have been released, Taeyong continues the airplane concept and is relaxing and getting ready to enjoy the ‘Long Flight‘. The shades of blue and lilac exude a sense of warm comfort as if you’re flying into a beautiful sunset.

Taeyong ‘Long Flight’ teaser images

Long Flight‘ is scheduled for release on July 18.

Are you looking forward to hearing Taeyong‘s SM Station track ‘Long Flight‘? What do you think of the teaser images that have been released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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