Stray Kids gives us a loving ‘Levanter’ dance practice + releases mixtape, ‘Gone Days’

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Stray Kids gives us a special dance practice for ‘Levanter‘, as well as releasing the MV for their side track, ‘You can STAY‘ and their new mixtape, ‘Gone Days‘. Check out all the details below!

This dance practice is their Lovestay version. Thus, this video is all about showing love to their fans. Still coordinating with the dance choreography, they add in cute hearts and gestures that fills our hearts with happiness. It is a video that fans will cherish a lot and will be watching it many times.

Following on, they have released a special video for their side track, ‘You Can STAY‘. This video showcases many scenes in which has the members on stage. It gives us this warm feeling inside as we see the amount of work is placed in perfecting their performance. It is nice to see many cuts from their concerts and how they have incorporated it in this video. The video is also quite fitting to the vibe and lyrics of this song.

Finally, Stray Kids have surprised us with the release of a new mixtape called ‘Gone Days‘. It is a song that is a play on words, making it so chill and catchy to listen to. This kind of song would make one want to groove and have fun. Fans are definitely spoiled with all the releases, but we aren’t complaining at all! It is always great to get a release from them.

So, be sure to check out all the videos they have released. Are you enjoying the releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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