Stray Kids does ‘TMT’ in special MV

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Stray Kids continue to bring out high quality videos for the fans. It is clear that they love their fans and are willing to put out all kinds of videos including the videos for the side tracks. This time, they have revealed the special MV for ‘TMT‘. So, check it out below!

What is always so incredible when it comes to Stray Kids‘ videos is the quality they give us. The camera work and cinematography is just on point and works well with the flow of the song. You can’t help but admire just how beautiful this music video. The track itself is just so beautiful with the kind of lyrics they are singing about. This track, ‘TMT‘, is confirmed to stand for “Too Much Thinking“. With this in mind, the message behind this song is quite touching. They have done an incredible job in emphasising the message that you “do what you wanna do“.

Not only that, Stray Kids have participated in the Original performance video for Studio Choom! This is where they give us their best quality performance video of ‘Side Effects‘. Once again, they leave us speechless wit the beauty of this choreography. It is choreographed so effortless, bringing out the message behind the song. It works so well and everything that was shown has some deep meaning. It is quite beautiful to watch the way they zoom in and out to give us a look at the dance.

With that, they begin this week off with another weekly program. They will be preparing more SKZ-Talker video, SKZ-Player, a new ‘Side Effects‘ dance practice, CHOISKZ, Two Kids Room and Sunday Kids!

So, be sure to check out the videos above. Did you enjoy all the content that Stray Kids have been releasing? Let us know in the comments below!

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