SOMI celebrates her ‘Birthday’ with you!

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After so many years have gone by since I.O.I‘s disbandment, we finally get SOMI’s debut! It was a wait that was worthwhile as she brings her all to the table. She has made her debut with ‘Birthday‘. So, check out the MV below!

It is clear through this music video just the kind of music she wants to do. Her intention and direction is clear, showing us just how much thought has been put into her music and overall concept. Her personality surely shines throughout this song, allowing us to be captured by her charms. She is going through strongly with her girl crush concept, showing how much she has matured. It is also nice to hear that she is rapping and singing. Her rapping style flows well with the melody.

The rhythm of the song is also quite upbeat and goes nicely with the concept. It is also quite interesting when the chorus comes through and the drop happens. The drop itself is quite unexpected but brings another style of the song, allowing us to enjoy her dance choreography. Finally, her singing ability is on top and just flows so nicely with the melody. She makes it quite enjoyable and fun to watch!

So, be sure to show your support by checking out the MV above. What did you think of her debut? Let us know in the comments below!

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