Ryeowook is your ‘One And Only’ in special pre-released MV

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As many knows, Ryeowook is set to make his solo return in December. However, to give fans a taste of the kind of tracks he will be returning with, he has dropped the pre-released MV for ‘One And Only’. So, check it out below!

The reason why this video is labeled as special is the fact that he has presented us with a handwritten letter. The video may not have him featured throughout it, but the effect to make this video can be evidently seen. It is such a beautiful video where it shows the streets.  His continuous stare to the skies really helps with the sentimental vibe he is going for.

Meanwhile, he sounds just as great as fans have remembered. The sudden insert of memories really pulls on your heartstrings. The simple melody also helps with the sweetness he is trying to convey. It definitely is a great track to be revealed first. It surely indicates that more great tracks are coming our way!

For now, check out and relax to ‘Only And Only’. Did you enjoy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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