Rocket Punch drops their ‘Blue Punch’ teasers

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Rocket Punch has begun dropping their concept teasers for ‘Blue Punch‘. Check it out below!

They have revealed their identity film. It begins off in black and white before the colours seep through. The song itself is quite tropical to listen to and surely pulls in our attention. It ends quite quickly, leaving us more curious than ever.

They have released their first group teaser. The members are dressed up in blue, which is fitting to the name of this album. Blue is quite a beautiful colour of the members. It is also quite fitting to the current season.

Suyun is first up with her concept trailer. We get this groovy beat that continues to build before we get this distinct yet upbeat rhythm that would get us moving. The video itself features her posing and allowing her personality to shine through. She gives us all kind poses for the camera.

She has also revealed her concept teaser. We get a total of two images. One of the images is a close up shot of her lying on the ground. The other image is a more chill image as she flashes a beautiful smile at the camera.

Yeonhee has a smoother melody that makes it more magical to listen to. We do however hear this lower bass sound that contrasts nicely with this magical sound. It goes well with the way she stares at the camera.

She too has revealed her concept teaser. In her first image teaser, we see her enjoying herself on the ground while lying on a silky blue material. It has this mermaid look to it. The second image teaser has her looking quite pretty with the lovely flower necklace standing out. The blue goes well with her.

Meanwhile, the group will return on Augut 4th. Are you enjoying the teasers so far? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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