Poetic Narrator makes their duo debut with three tracks!

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Yes, that is right! Poetic Narrator has made their duo debut. The duo is made up of Juniel and DOKO. They have released three music videos for ‘I’ll Take Half Of Your Sorrows Today‘, ‘Some Flowers‘ and ‘Sometimes I Desperately Want To be Sick‘. Check out the MV below!

I’ll Take Half Of Your Sorrows Today‘ is a soothing track to listen to. It is the kind of song that uses subtle melody line, allowing their voices to bring out the best of the melody. They just sing so beautifully along with the song, which is fitting to the relaxing vibe of the music video. It is also clear how well their voice suits one another. It just flows well with one another.

Some Flowers‘ brings out the best of an acoustic guitar. It is a sweet song to listen to during Spring. This kind of song allows us to sway slowly with the beat while enjoying its uplifting vibe. Their voices are once again so soothing to listen, showcasing the harmony of their voices. They both have such beautiful voices that glide so nicely with the melody.

The final MV is for ‘Sometimes I Desperately Want To be Sick‘. Like the other two songs, it has such a groovy melody that one would love to listen to during a drive at night. Their voices are just so clear to listen to, showcasing the perfect mix for this duet.

So, be sure to check out the MVs above. Which track did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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