Plan A Entertainment and FAVE Entertainment to merge into one!

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Yes, that is right! Plan A Entertainment and FAVE Entertainment will be merging into one.

In particular, on February 13th, Kakao M announced that Plan A Entertainment and Fave Entertainment will merge. The reason for the merge is mainly due to Kakao M‘s re-establishing their overall plan. Their plan is to allow the growth of their music production business after the launch of the new Kakao M. So, the first step is to merge Plan A Entertainment and FAVE Entertainment to promote long-term growth. By doing so, it will allow them to strength their competitive advantage.

Their final note is that they hope to grow into a music label that people have faith in, especially faith in their music production. They hope to gain the trust of listeners and ultimately creating K-pop artists who will be able to gain love globally.

We hope to see where this merge will go. We also hope to see their artists come back stronger than ever.

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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