PinkFantasy enjoys their ‘Lemon Candy’ in latest teasers

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PinkFantasy is making their hot return soon. Check out the teasers for ‘Lemon Candy‘ below!

For their first teaser, they have the members sitting in a room filled with cereal boxes and food. It is almost like they are caught sneaking into the pantry. Overall, it is quite a cute image to look at.

The second teaser reveals the name of the title track, which is ‘Lemon Candy‘. It also reveals the comeback date, which is January 21st.

For their individual teaser, we see the members posing in the same room that we have seen in their group teaser. Each member is seen with many things surrounding them. However, what is common is the cereal boxes in the background.

For their next two group teasers, we see a totally different look. The colour scheme is different from what we have seen used for their first concept. These two images are darker, giving us a more bad girl look. They also look quite serious and stern, enhancing this dark look they are going for.

Meanwhile, the group will make their hot return on January 21st. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

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