Park Hyo Shin releases emotional ‘Goodbye’ MV

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Park Hyo Shin is an artist who debuted in 1999 and is well known for his powerful voice. On the May 6th, Glove entertainment released his new MV Titled ’Goodbye’ and can we say now, we can see why his vocals are the spotlight of his career!

The video features several unknown faces showing different emotions to really capture the essence of this song and really reinforcing the main theme. Park Hyo Shin really touch on the emotion of this song.

Screenshot from “Goodbye” MV
Screenshot from “Goodbye” MV

The structure of this song while romantic also shows the power of emotion. You can really see this when Park Hyo Shin powerfully expresses his feelings and just lets the emotion go with him. It starts off slow with a piano solo and ends with Park Hyo Shin looking endlessly into the sunset. We are smitten with this ballad and you should be too.

Now go ahead and watch his new amazing MV Here!

You can see more about Park Hyo Shin on their official Instagram:

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