ONF is preparing to ‘Spin-Off’ their upcoming release

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ONF are preparing to release their fifth mini-album ‘Spin-Off‘ and the title track ‘Sukhumvit Spinning‘ in just a few days on August 10.

The upcoming album is set to contain a total of seven tracks, ONF‘s title song ‘Sukhumvit Swimming‘, ‘Belle Epoque‘, ‘Geppetto‘, ‘Good Good‘, ‘Cactus‘, ‘Message‘, and the ‘Spin-Off‘ version of ‘Into The New World‘. 

There’s been so many teasers for this release, we’ve been spoiled for choice, so let’s take a look at all of them!

The latest set of teaser images are highly visual and show off each of the members individual charms.

ONF ‘Spin-Off’ teasers

The highlight medley for ‘Spin-Off‘ gave us a taste for what we are in for with this release. It sounds amazing. There’s a range of genres and styles from the group proving just how capable they are as vocalists.

ONF ‘Spin-Off’ highlight medley

ONF revealed a title script release teaser for their upcoming title track ‘Sukhumvit Swimming‘.

This set of teaser images are a little more relaxed in feel, but still stunning.

ONF ‘Spin-Off’ teaser images

ONF ‘Spin-Off’ track listing’

Earlier the group shared individual teaser photos with each member taking on a different character.

The photos were shared with the text ‘path prediction’ and ‘dream hideout’, and each member has a short description of their character.

Wyatt: ‘A time-space Tuk-Tuk Driver’

Hyojin: ‘One who came to steal time’

U: ‘A wanderer for Utopia’

MK: ‘The Pirate waiting for somebody at the hideout’

J-Us: ‘Security who guards the Ruins’

E-Tion ‘Prince from little planet’

ONF will be making their comeback with the mini-album ‘Spin-Off‘ and the title track ‘Sukhumvit Swimming‘ on August 10 at 6pm KST.

What do you think of the teasers for ONF so far? Are you looking forward to hearing new material from them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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