NU’EST is part your ‘Happily Ever After’ in latest teasers

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NU’EST has already begun teasing for their upcoming return! This will be their first comeback as a whole. It definitely is an exciting time. So, without further ado, let’s check out the latest teasers below!

They begun with the prologue teaser. It sets the tone of what we can expect from this comeback. What we see so far is this mystic sound before it takes a turn to a much darker aura. It rapidly ends, leaving us dazed and confused!

Their first set of teasers shows just how much thought they have put into this comeback. Going to this link, we see them telling their own fairy tale story. The first image connects to the first chapter. It showcases a queen passing down some kind of necklace to the knights.

From that, they showcased their first concept teasers. And boy do they not disappoint! The images are in such great quality and is super saturated in colour. It definitely captures your attention the moment you glance at the images. Each one of them are captured beautifully and you can’t help but be mesmerised by their beauty. They are just utterly beautiful and thus one can’t wait to see where they will bring this concept!

They dropped the album packaging details. There is a total of four versions. Each comes with a photobook, a photocard, a CD, an illustration postcard, a sticker, an ending page paper and a poster.

In their second set of concept teasers, they are blessed with the sunlight. These images look more pure and soft, giving us a warm feeling in our heart. Once again, they continue to look great in their respective images. They definitely look like princes in this set of images.

The third chapter image teaser is revealed, which follows on from their first chapter image teaser. In this image, we see the queen looking out towards the sea while holding the necklace we had seen in first chapter teaser. The boat sails away while the queen looks at it from afar.

The fifth chapter image teaser is a continuation of the story. What we see in this image is a beautiful journey. We see the knights resting on the trees. Since the tree doesn’t have leaves, it could imply that it is currently winter. It can also be noted that one of the knights are off to somewhere where a path leads to an unknown place up high.

Meanwhile, it is also announced that NU’EST will be launching their own reality show on May 8th. They will make their long-awaited return on April 29th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments bleow !

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