NU’EST continues to tease for their upcoming full group comeback!

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NU’EST continues to drop hints for their upcoming anniversary return. So, check out the latest teasers below!

At this point, fans are confused as to what this track will be called. However, in all the teasers they have put out so far, it appears that the title track may be called ‘Song Title‘. However, this information is still unclear. In their latest teaser, it features a beautiful sky gradient with the following words on it: “It’s a diary filled with gratitude for you“. It appears that this may be lyrics to the upcoming title track.

The next teaser also features an image of the sky. However, this time, it is much darker in colour and also features some gray clouds. The words that accompanies this image is: “I want to be the start of the lyrics I wrote for you.”

The next image we got so far is another image of the sky. This time it is a night time image of what appears to be the moon peeking out the clouds. This time, the words say “Even with my foolishness.” With each image teaser, we are getting letters that are circled. So far the words that are circled says “You, You, I”.

The final image teaser so far is another beautiful sky image. This time we get a lighter look of the sky which surely warms up your heart. The lyrics that accompany this image says “Right now, I am living in your season.”

Meanwhile, the group will make their exciting return on March 15th. Are you ready? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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