NU’EST Aron and Minhyun looks peaceful in new ‘The Table’ teasers

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NU’EST continues to reveal the member’s individual teasers. Check it out below!




Following on from the previous members, we finally get Aron, Minhyun and JR‘s teaser. Each member goes for a different look and style but still maintains that sentimental look. They all look so beautiful under the nature sunlight while giving fans something to swoon over. They know how to get fans’ heart fluttering.

In Aron’s teaser, he is seen diligently working in the kitchen. He is pealing peaches so well. It is such a scene to look at, especially how serious he appears. In Minhyun‘s teaser, he is seen enjoying his time outside on the roof top while trying to enjoy his book.

In JR‘s teaser, we see him looking quite tired as he appears to have returned from work. He sits on the couch before he goes to feet his cat and himself. The music that accompanies the video is quite soft and surely gives you the chills.

Meanwhile, the group will make their hot return on October 21st. Are you enjoying the concept? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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