NCT127 says ‘Simon Says’ in latest mesmerising MV

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It’s been just two days since NCT127 launched their new single ‘Simon Says’ on us.  The song is the title track of the group’s repackaged ‘Regulate’ album.

‘Simon Says’ grabs you from the first listen and leads you down a rabbit hole of awe-inspiring sounds that sees the group return to their tried and tested experimental hip hop roots.

You know you’re in for something big when the song kicks off with a sample from a traditional New Zealand Maori haka (or war cry for uninitiated).  It serves as the perfect introduction to the bombastic nature of the song.

With thumping bass beats propelling the track, hooks that will keep you coming back as well as an addictive refrain, the song gets better with each listen.  The refrain loops back time and again to refocus the attention on the song.  There are layered squelching synths and distorted repeated phrases guiding the chorus.  The bridge brings the vocals of Haechan and Taeil into focus perfectly.  While the rap from Mark and Taeyong is delivered with their usual mix of power and energy.

It’s a song that has lyrics about how people try to act in accordance with other people’s expectations and social conventions.  There’s a message for all us in the song about recovering an identity that was lost in between reality and dreams and finding your true authentic self.

Check out NCT127’s ‘Simon Says’ MV

The mesmerising music video starts out with the members wearing colourful face masks which speak to the lyrics about following convention blindly, but by taking the masks off they break free from those boundaries.  The choreography that follows is loud, aggressive and swaggering much like the song itself.

What do you think of NCT127′s ‘Simon Says‘?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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