NCT127 are teaming up with Ava Max for ‘So Am I’ remix

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NCT127 are collaborating with American singer/songwriter Ava Max on a remix version of her hit song ‘So Am I‘.

Ava Max‘s popularity has exploded since the release of her song ‘Sweet But Psycho‘ last year. The song is still charting strongly around the globe and she has recently been tweeting about her new ‘obsession’ with NCT127.

So Am I‘ is the follow up song to ‘Sweet But Psycho‘, it has also been performing really well on charts around the world, but now with the news of a remix version that will feature NCT127, the song is expected to get another boost.

In a recently released teaser image, Ava Max is pictured at the centre of a yearbook-style image surrounded by the members of NCT127.

NCT127 X AVA MAX concept image

Are you looking forward to the release of ‘So Am I’ the collaboration track between Ava Max and NCT127? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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