MONSTA X pulls you in with ‘Fantasia X’ trailer

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MONSTA X has dropped their trailers for ‘Fantasia X‘. So, check them all out below!

In the first chapter trailer called Zone, it features Hyungwon in black and white. He gets passed an envelope with a set of keys. The intensity of the music helps enhance this mystery vibe they are going for. The song also builds to the group and one can’t but groove along. It definitely has fans’ mind racing again to make connections to their previous comeback stories.

The second chapter trailer called Gasoline features Shownu in a car. The video is also edited to black and white. This song has another type of vibe that really gets your body moving. It is groovy and definitely has this trendy sound to it. Another set of keys are found in this video! It will be interesting to see what the keys will bring them to.

Continuing on with the black and white look, the third chapter trailer brings a Chaotic vibe. It features an echo and intense beat that goes well with the concept of the video. Jooheon is doing a great job hiding before freezing the officer in place and stealing the keys.

The next chapter is called It Ain’t Over. This video features a funky vibe that really sets the mood of the video. I.M is seen drinking some fine coffee by the bar. He has this mysterious vibe that really draws you in. He definitely knows the effect he has on people. Like Jooheon, I.M also has the object to freeze everyone around him.

The latest chapter is called Beautiful Night. This video features Kihyun on a phone call while looking at his surrounding. A more softer song is heard. It will be a song that will bring out the best in their vocals.

It appears that the name of each chapter may be the name of the tracks in this album. It will be interesting to see where these concepts will go. Meanwhile, they will return on May 11th. Are you enjoying the concept? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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