MINO wants you to be his ‘FIANCÉ’ in latest solo MV

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MINO is back stronger than ever. He has returned with a new track called ‘FIANCÉ’ and it is part of his first solo album. The MV has also been revealed, so check it out below!

MINO has gone for a style that best suits his taste and music. It is nice to see him do what he loves. The video itself has a meaning and style that best brings out his lyrics. The track talks about wanting someone and finding that person. By doing so, MINO cheekily becomes King and uses that concept to convey his lyrics. It is also quite interesting to watch him in a serious mood rather than the normal MINO we see when he is with his members.

He is actually quite serious and stern in this MV, which helps with the concept he is going for. The short snippet of the dance choreography shown is also quite enjoyable to watch. He moves like no other and surely captures your attention. The track itself has an addictive tune that helps bring out MINO’s voice.

Meanwhile, be sure to show your support by checking out the MV above. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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