MAMAMOO gives you a chance to listen to their tracks through a highlight medley!

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With MAMAMOO’s comeback approaching quite soon, they have presented fans with the highlight medley. Through this highlight medley, fans get a chance to listen to the kind of tracks they will be releasing this time around. So, check it out below!

So, this album has a total of six tracks including the intro track, ‘No More Drama’, ‘Hello’, ‘Better Than I Thought’, Morning’ and ‘Wind Flower’. The intro track is quite soothing to listen to with the gentle acoustic guitar guiding the melody. It is a great way to introduce fans to the album. ‘No More Drama’ is quite an intense track but it brings out the best in their voices. Their emotions can be felt through each of their words and every beat of the track.

Hello’ is another ballad-like track where there is minimal use of music. Rather, it is their voices that shine through the track and really capture your attention. ‘Better Than I Thought’ is a much slower track than the rest. However, because it is, fans can definitely sit back and relax to the beauty of their voice. It has an addictive melody that touches your heart.

Morning’ is another soft song where it becomes quite relaxing to listen to. ‘Wind Flower’ is a perfect title track since it is upbeat yet it is soft enough to highlight what winter is like.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO will make their hot return on November 29th. Which track has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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