Magnum’s Doyoung and Yoshinori nail the smile in profile image teaser + Treasure’s members are close as ever in new unit teasers

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Magnum is the next group to reveal their profile image teaser. Doyoung is first up with his profile image. So, check it out below!

Like Treasure‘s profile image, he too has gone for that refreshing and relaxing look. He looks like he is in the zone, flashing the best of his smile. He looks amazing in yellow, which fits well with the overall atmosphere. The yellow helps bring out the best in his smile. He just looks utterly gorgeous.

They have also revealed Yoshinori‘s profile. He looks great in cream and blue. The colour scheme definitely goes nicely with his boy charms. He gives you a look like no other; it is enough to have fans’ heart racing! Whoever took the images took amazing photos of him, capturing him at the right angles. One can’t wait to see the rest of the member’s individual profile image.

Who do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

Meanwhile, Treasure‘s members are seen paired up, looking cute as they ever be. For those who had watched the survival show know that Haruto and Park Jeongwoo are the cutest. Now, seeing them next to one another surely brings back memories. They are such an amazing pair! This also applies well with Choi Hyunsuk and Bang Yedam. The hug that is captured by them and the smile that goes with it is enough to warm our hearts. It is quite beautiful and is well captured by the camera.

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