M.O.N.T are about to have an ‘Awesome Up!’ comeback

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M.O.N.T are getting ready to make a comeback.

The talented group will be making their comeback with their second mini album ‘Awesome Up!‘ and the title track ‘Rock Paper Scissors’.

The MV teaser for the title track has been released along with three individual teaser clips for the track. The song sounds fun and vibrant with a warm late summer vibe to it.

The clips all have a comic strip quality to them, which adds a whole other level of cuteness.

M.O.N.T ‘Rock Paper Scissors’

M.O.N.T ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ Bitsaeon version

M.O.N.T ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ Roda version

M.O.N.T ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ Narchan version

M.O.N.T‘s second mini-album ‘Awesome Up!‘ and the title track ‘Rock Paper Scissors‘ is scheduled for release later today August 25 at 6pm.

What do you think of the teasers for ‘Rock Paper Scissors‘ from M.O.N.T? Do you like the sound of the track? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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