Lucy gives you a preview of ‘Panorama’

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Lucy has dropped previews for the tracks on their upcoming album, ‘Panorama‘. Check it out below!

It is revealed that Suran is the featured artist on their upcoming track, ‘Missing Call‘.

They have dropped the instrumental version of ‘Jogging‘. It is quite fun and uplifting, which is fitting to the current season. It definitely has a fun melody that one would love to run to.

Watermelon‘ is a more laid-back song with a fun tropical sound. One could definitely feel the summer vibe coming through strongly. One can’t wait to hear their vocals on top of this track.

Straight Line‘ has this old 90s vibe with such a groovy beat. The preview definitely leaves us wanting more of it as we all move to the way it sounds.

Missing Call‘ has this nostalgic vibe that pulls you right in. The string instruments definitely leaves us with chills as it travels so well with the bass in the background.

Enough‘ is their more chill song with minimal beats. One can definitely fall deep into this song as we all sit back and relax. It also has this happy feeling to it that leaves us smiling all the way through it.

Flare‘ is the final track on this album. It is such a fun song to jam along to. It is the kind of song that would get you up and moving to it. This is definitely a great way to end the album.

They have also revealed their D-8 teasers. These images showcase what we can expect from their MV. We see a fun and relaxing images as the members show how much fun they are having outside.

In their D-6 teasers, we get their more rock side coming out. Embracing that retro vibe, we see them enjoying each other’s company on stage with decoration around them. This kind of vibe definitely go well with them.

Meanwhile, they will return on August 13th. Are you enjoying the teasers? Let us know in the coments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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