Lovelyz is ‘Lost N Found’ in latest MV

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Lovelyz has made their return with another cutesy and magical vibe. The track is called ‘Lost N Found’, which is part of their latest album, ‘Sanctuary’. They have released the MV, so check it out below!

The track begins unexpectedly since this kind of sound was not shown during their teasers. The distortion sound really helps lead to the cutesy vibe they are trying to go for. Because of this beginning, the cutesy sounds doesn’t get boring to listen to; rather it helps enhance the beauty of a girly sound. It also contains this sweet sound that works well with each one of their vocals. It thus becomes quite enjoyable to listen to, especially when the chorus hits, the melody changes key and becomes more melodic. It is unusual yet it works well with the overall track. They definitely know the kind of music best works for them and so it great to see them use it to their advantage.

So, be sure to check out the track above. Did you like its magical vibe? Let us know in the comments below!

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