Kyuhyun makes his official long-awaited return with ‘Aewol-ri’

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Kyuhyun is finally back with his solo single album. Within this album, there is a track called ‘Aewol-ri‘. It gets its own music video, so check it out below!

It is what we expected from Kyuhyun. He is someone who has great ballad songs. Thus, this song is no exception in making our heart race and feel the emotions he has poured into this track. This track has such a beautiful piano melody that is well guided by his voice. The continuous addition of instrumentation to help build up the vibe is surely enough to bring chills down our spine.

However, what we truly missed the most when he went to enlist is the beauty of his voice. His voice is the best to listen to when you want to relax. It fits so nicely with the ballad sounds and thus fans are definitely moved that he decides to continue with this genre. It is utterly beautiful and it goes to show that he has presented another soft and nice ballad for the fans.

So, be sure to check out the track above. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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