KNK are looking at the ‘Sunset’ in new MV

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KNK have made a successful comeback with the release of their fourth single album ‘KNK S/S Collection’ and the title track ‘Sunset‘.

‘Sunset‘ is a deep house pop track which expresses the feelings of a man who has fallen in love at first sight and cannot turn back. The track was produced by AAP Divison, with songwriter Nassun.

This song has all the hallmarks of EDM sub-genres of trance and techno which we don’t (or haven’t to date) see alot of in the Kpop world. It’s a welcome direction change for KNK and one that suits their uber-cool aesthetic.

‘Sunset’ features a slinky bassline which pulses just below the surface while the uptempo beat keeps the song moving.

In the accompanying MV, the members perform alluring and intricate choreography which perfectly suits the mood and concept for this comeback.

KNK ‘Sunset’

What do you think of ‘Sunset‘ from KNK? Do you like this genre of music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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