IZ gives us a ‘Final Kiss’

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IZ made their comeback this week with the release of their second single album ‘From:IZ‘ and the title track ‘Final Kiss‘.

This is the group’s first comeback since the release of ‘Eden‘ back in May.

‘Final Kiss’ starts out by sounding like it’s going to be a laid-back, late-summer rock song, however then the guitars launch in and we’re in the midst of a full-on rock song which is helped along with the pounding, smashing drums and power vocals.

For me it recalls elements of 80s hair metal (which I completely love) and is a fresh and vibrant addition to a sometimes ‘made in the mould’ music scene.

The accompanying music video fits with the late Summer concept as it switches between indoors and outdoors scenes. It gives you a chance to focus on the song which is a welcome change to most music videos lately.

IZ ‘Final Kiss’

What do you think of IZ‘s ‘Final Kiss‘ MV? Do you like this concept and comeback? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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