ITZY brings out the ‘ICY’ summer in first comeback MV

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ITZY is back it again with their signature sound and crazy vibe. In particular, they have made their first comeback with ‘ICY‘. So, check out the song below!

This definitely resonates well with what we expect ITZY to return with. It contains such a unique and funky beat that puts you in the mood to party. It has this constant hard-hitting melody throughout the song. There are also sections that allow them to showcase their vocals, giving us a taste of their talents.

Everything from the bass to the synth sounds is top-notch and works in well with the production quality. It has this unique sound to it that allows their weirdness to shine out in a good way. The dance break is also added in, giving us that time to admire their choreography and also away from the loudness. They ended the sound in ITZY style and one can’t wait to dive into their b-sides!

So, be sure to check the song out above! What did you think of the vibe? Let us know in the comments below!

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