INFINITE’s Dongwoo brings the live version of ‘News’ to us!

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INFINITE’s Dongwoo celebrates his solo debut with multiple videos. He has released the live version, the cheer guide and the dance practice of ‘News‘. So, check it all out below!

멋짐 + 섹시함 + 간지 + 있어보임이 다 들어있는 영상장동우 – News (착플리 Ver.)인피니트 Clock 으로 늘은 영상 실력이 여기서 터졌네..진심 서서 보고 앉아서 보고 누워서 보고 밥 먹으면서 보고 덕복이 먹으면서 보고 이렇게 저렇게 봐도 대박이야 ㅠㅠ

Posted by 착한 플레이리스트 on Wednesday, 6 March 2019

In the live version, we get to see how his raw voice sounds against this song. It is evident that he is such a great singer since most of the time his voice is quite stable. He just sings so nicely with the melody and thus giving us a sense of comfort. The way the video is edited makes it quite interesting to watch. We don’t know a complex music video so this video is definitely enough to show off his charms. He is just so charismatic through this video.

In his cheering guide video, we get to see his fun and cheeky side. Once again, we get to hear him singing along with the song. It is such a comfortable and relaxing place, making the whole video so enjoyable to watch. Since he is on his own, he softly cheers along to the cheer guide but he shows more enthusiasm when we hear him sing.

From his dance practice video, it focuses more on the moves of the song rather than the song itself. Through this set of videos, we get to see all aspects of Dongwoo. He has shown off his singing ability, rapping ability, cheering ability and dancing ability. He is someone that fans can continuously watch when dancing. Every move he gives is done with perfect and with such strength. It is just so pleasing to watch.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out all the videos above. Did you like his overall solo debut? Let us know in the comments below!

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