Hoya enlists after leaving a gift for fans

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After surprising us all by announcing on February 5 that he would be enlisting on February 7, Hoya left a beautiful parting gift for fans.

He released his own cover version of ‘Me After You‘ by Paul Kim. The beautiful, emotional song is a perfect match for Hoya‘s stunning vocal performance, which is backed by strings and a piano.

The music video is understated in its simplicity with images of the performer from throughout his career so far, set against a pale blue background.

Hoya’s cover of Paul Kim’s ‘Me After You’

The news of his enlistment caught many off guard, including us. Hoya announced his enlistment on February 5 through a handwritten letter addressed to fans.

Hello, this is Hoya.

It’s already been a month since 2019 began, and the Lunar New Year is just around the corner.

Are you having a good holiday? It’s been nine years since I debuted. Time flies, doesn’t it? I think my 20s were so full of fans’ love that I couldn’t explain [my time] without them. I was truly happy because of HOLY [fan club name]. Thank you for giving me memories that I’ll never forget for a long time.

Actually, I am writing this letter to tell you some sudden news today. I’m going to join the army after this holiday. I’m sorry to all my fans who are surprised by the sudden news. However, since this is my duty as a citizen, I will spend my time becoming more mature than I am now. I hope you all will be happy while waiting for me. I’ll be back healthy. When we meet again, I’ll greet you as a better person. Thank you always, and I love you.


Lee Howon [Hoya’s real name]

Hoya’s handwritten letter to fans

We wish Hoya all the best during his military service.

What do you think of Hoya‘s cover of ‘Me After You‘? Were you surprised by his sudden enlistment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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