Ha Sung Woon is feeling particularly ‘BLUE’

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Ha Sung Woon has made his comeback with the release of his second mini-album ‘BXXX‘, and the title track ‘BLUE‘.

BLUE‘ is a mid-tempo pop track that starts out with a thoughtful lyrical sound then builds into a musically colourful and bright chorus. Ha Sung Woon acted as both vocalist and producer of the song.

The song’s laid-back approach leaves plenty of room for Ha Sung Woon‘s vocal charms to be displayed. His falsetto pre-chorus is a particular strong point for the song.

The music video is shot in tones of blue (which is nice touch, considering the title of the song), and add to the overall feeling of the song. The moments of choreography manage to break through the feelings of loneliness throughout the song.

Ha Sung Woon ‘BLUE’

What do you think of Ha Sung Woon‘s new release ‘BLUE‘? Do you like this mid-tempo style of song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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