Gong puts you in a ‘Haze’ with new MV

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Gong definitely has a unique sound and that’s what we love about him. With every release, we get an amazing song, and the new MV ‘HAZE‘ is no exception.

Official ‘HAZE’ MV

Gong is a talent on another level. His vocal range and concepts are so very different to what we expect and it sets him apart from others. This song presents a tone of despair and hurt while still allowing the feeling of serenity with the soft backing track to match.

You can hear the raw emotion in Gong‘s voice almost as if it is a personal experience or story which is matched to perfection with the artistic visuals. The visuals really help set the tone of this song which impacts it so beautifully so you can really feel the emotion of the song.

We find it amazing when artists can step out of their comfort zones and deliver something raw and natural to their fans and this is exactly what happened in the MV for ‘HAZE’

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