(G)I-DLE gives you a preview of Japanese album, ‘Oh My God’

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(G)I-DLE has dropped the album preview of their Japanese album, ‘Oh My God‘. Check it out below!

In this preview, we get to hear all the tracks that will be part of this album. Many of the tracks are their own tracks in Korean but is translated into Japanese. They sound just as good while singing their lyrics teasers. They surely know how to draw us in with their attitude and the way they manipulate the lyrics so that it fits in well with the melody of the song. ‘Empty‘ is such a soothing song to listen to. It showcases the best of their vocals as they sing ever so softly along with the melody.

They have also revealed Miyeon‘s version of the Japanese MV for ‘Oh My God‘. In this video, we get a totally new concept from their Korean MV. We see her be mesmerised with different types of light including the lamp and the candles. She knows how to pull us in with her intense stare.

Minnie is the next member to drop her individual MV teaser. In this teaser, we see her big eyes staring right into our soul. She looks amazing in this video as she moves around the place. This kind of vibe definitely goes well with the vibe of the song.

Meanwhile, they will release this album on August 26th. Which track did you like more? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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