Gfriend embraces the ‘Daytime’ sunlight in new image teasers

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As many knows, Gfriend will be returning with three versions of their album. Thus, it is appropriate that they will the image teasers for each of these versions. They have begun with their ‘Daybreak’ teasers, now they have revealed their ‘Daytime’ teasers. So, check it out below!

In the moving poster, we see the members in a grayscale and old fashion effect. The camera zooms in a bit while Sowon’s dress drifts with the wind. Because of these effects, it gives an overall nostalgic vibe that has fans feeling the chills. It is a beautiful image that fans can’t help but love.

For their ‘Daytime’ teasers, they have revealed the images for SinB and Yerin. In this set, it surely is different to their ‘Daybreak’ images. In particular, their dresses have colour! It is in blue and red so when they stand with one another, the colours surely capture your attention. Their facial expression, however, are similar to what we have previously seen. One surely can’t wait to see the other member’s dresses.

Meanwhile, Gfriend will make their hot return on January 14th. What do you think of the latest teasers? Let us know in the comments below!

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