DVWN walks on the ‘Concrete’ with Cheeze

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DVWN has released a song called ‘Concrete‘ featuring Cheeze. Check it out below!

He has released such a cute and sweet song that draws you in immediately. The melody is simple and definitely has you swaying from side to side. His voice just goes so nice with this melody. It is clear just how much fun he is singing along to this song. The video itself is a cartoon and thus goes so nicely with the vibe of this song. One can’t help but smile throughout it.

Furthermore, it is clearly evident how much time they have put into making this MV beautiful. The process of filming it all was shown during the credits. Additionally, Cheeze’s vocals are also so pleasant to listen to. Especially when they are harmonising, one can’t help but get chills from it. It is just so beautiful to listen to. Overall, it is a perfect song with flawless vocals.

Meanwhile, be sure to check it out below! Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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