DSP Media begins to tease for their upcoming boy group

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DSP Media has begun teasing for their upcoming boy group. Check out the details below!

They have revealed the name of the group, which is Mirae. To get fans excited, they have dropped their official SNS accounts, which allows fans to keep updated with their news.

To introduce the fans to the members, the group have also begun dropping their individual profile teasers. Park Siyoung is first up with his image teasers. We get a total of two images: one where he is wearing a white shirt and the other has him wearing a black shirt. This shows how he is able to pull off the duality. They have also revealed his profile film. It gives us a close up shot of who he is and how he is able to be himself on camera. One can’t help but be captured by his personality.

The latest member to be revealed is Lee Junhyuk. He too has two image teasers. The first image has him wearing a white shirt while looking quite charismatic for the camera. The other image also features his charms as he stares down the camera. In his concept film, we hear this upbeat melody as he is seen moving quite cooly in front of the camera. He has also shown a bit of his dance moves before the video comes to an end.

Meanwhile, the other members’ profile teasers will be revealed in due time. Are you excited to meet the other members? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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