DRIPPIN reveals their final members

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DRIPPIN has revealed the final members of the group. They have also revealed the member’s profile. So, check it out below!

The next member to reveal their teaser is Joo Changuk. In this video teaser, we see him engulfed with a swirl of liquid before it focuses on him. Then, he places a mask into the box before walking out the door.

Yunseong is the final member to be revealed. In his teaser, we hear this soothing water sound that goes well with this nature view. Like the other members, we see him place an item into the box. He places a question mark into the box before he leaves the room.

The latest video teaser features the members in the same room while holding a box each. They are seen facing one another before they run towards Junho and his door. He opens it and they enter to the light. The intense music changes to an inspiration sound before it goes soft. During this soft music, we see the members wearing white outfits while looking up at the camera.









They have also revealed the profile teasers. Each member gets a total of two images as they wear white outfits. They are seen posing in doors as they look very chill and calm for their images. This is quite fitting with the previous video which ended on the members wearing white outfits.

Meanwhile, they will make their debut in October. Are you excited for a new boy group? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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