Dreamcatcher gives fans a preview of ‘Dystopia: The Tree Of Language’ story

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Dreamcatcher spoils fans with the ‘Dystopia: The Tree Of Language‘ story. Check it out below!

Before they have released the album story, they have also given fans a look into the lyrics of ‘Scream‘. What we hear so far is the beautiful piano melody before it is mixed in with that rock elements and EDM sound. We also got to hear a high-pitched scream.

The story spoiler features the story told in sand. It starts off with the tree before we see two girls standing near it. We get a close up of one of the girls who appears to be holding something like a crystal ball. The ball absorbs words, causing it to turn dark. It also looks like the girl had aged as well. One can’t wait to see the connection between this storyline and the MV.

Meanwhile, the group will return on February 18th. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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