Dahye prepares for her ‘Poison’ debut with image teasers

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Dahye is preparing for her solo debut with ‘Poison‘. Check it out below!

It is revealed that she will be debuting with a remake version of Uhm Junghwa‘s ‘Poison‘. From the debut schedule, she will drop the concept teaser from September 15th to 21st. The MV teaser will be released on October 7th.

In the first image teaser, she looks very captivating with the rose next to her. The way she looks at the camera definitely leaves us more excited than ever.

The next image teaser allows her to embrace the sophisticated side of her. She is seen wearing a lovely white dress with jewellery that is fitting to the dress. She looks amazing in this outfit.

The third teaser has her spreading out her arms while wearing a lovely white dress. It contrasts nicely with the pink background. It also goes well with the overall theme.

The fourth teaser has her embracing both the colour red and white. The white dress contrasts well with the deep red colour. The flower and the hat definitely help with her overall look.

The fifth teaser goes for a more simplistic look. The purple lighting as she stares at the camera leaves us mesmerised. It definitely leaves us more curious than ever about her debut.

The latest image teaser is more fancy than the other images. It is over the top but it works so well with the overall concept. One can’t help but be hooked into her fancy outfits.

Meanwhile, she will make her official debut on October 10th. Are you excited for her debut? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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