CRAXY gets you excited with their 2020 calendar

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Craxy gets us excited with their 2020 plan. Check out what they have in store for you below!

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안녕하세요 크래비티 여러분 저희 크랙시가 데뷔 프로모션 활동을 4월 말 부로 종료 하였습니다. 위시걸스라는 연습생 타이틀로 시작하여 크랙시 데뷔까지 많은 응원 주신 우리 크래비티 여러분께 다시 한번 깊은 감사드립니다. 크랙시 멤버들은 오로지 크랙시만의 차별성을 두어 각 멤버들의 개성을 극대화 하여 극적인 퍼포먼스를 주려 항상 노력합니다. 크랙시는 지금부터 다시 컴백까지의 여정을 우리 크래비티와의 소통으로 이루어 또 다른 여행을 펼치려 준비중에 있습니다. 여러분에 컨셉, 안무, 음악 의견을 함께 공유하여 만들어갈 생각입니다. 조만간 크랙시의 세분화된 계획을 상세하게 크래비티 여러분들에게 공개할 예정입니다. 컴백까지의 여정을 꼭 같이 해주셨으면 합니다. 기대해주세요 크래비티 여러분. 감사합니다. . . Hello Cravities! Craxy has finished the debut stage performance last week. We again give you our deepest gratitude for stanning Craxy from their Wishgirls era. Craxy always thinks and plan to give out the very best performance to Cravities with their unique vocal, rap and dance quality. So!! From this day! Craxy is preparing a deep communicating program with Cravities, Craxy will communicate with Cravities about their comeback concept, choreo, song and there will be tons of survey which will make bonding with Cravities bigger! We know that there is a lots of questioning about kpop system and about Craxy and we will share with you. For example to make a performance in a music program. Every week there is more then 60 artists waiting to get their chance to perform. But unfortunately only 15~20 teams gets their chance. It is nothing to do with budget problem the biggest matter is fame. So Cravities we need you! Lets make Craxy big together!! Craxy will give a very precise plan very soon. Lets get together and have fun! . . #craxy #kpop #idol #aria #크랙시 #걸그룹 #아리아 #wooah #karin #hyejin #swan #chaey #우아 #카린 #혜진 #수안 #채이 #cravity #크래비티 #comeback

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It is revealed that they will be dropping the first episode of their reality show on May 20th. From that day, they will drop other episodes every 1st and 3rd week’s Wednesday. Meanwhile, they will also be launching their reality show on May 29th with every episode coming out on Friday. There are question marks in July and September, hyping us up for what’s to come. Following on is the release of their second album, which is scheduled for August. Finally, they have announced another comeback but has yet to set a date!

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