Chanyeol will make his solo debut with ‘SSFW’

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It has been confirmed that EXO member Chanyeol will be making his solo debut with the song ‘SSFW‘ (Spring Summer Fall Winter) through SM Station.

The announcement was made via SM Station‘s Instagram account (below) just a few days ago. The song will be released on April 25.

It has been reported that the track combines a soft, rhythmic electric guitar with a groovy drum beat, comparing the stages of love to the four seasons – hence the name of the song ‘SSFW‘. The track will be released in Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

The latest release is a behind the scenes look at the making of ‘SSFW‘. We get to watch Chanyeol as he goofs around between takes and gets in the mood for the shooting.

Chanyeol ‘SSFW’ behind the scenes

The teaser images have had a consistent theme running through them from the beginning, the colour yellow. The car from the very first teaser, to Chanyeol‘s shirt, the yellow rose he puts in the vase and finally the warm, glowing sun that he is basking under.

Chanyeol’s teaser images

In a video clip posted to SM STATION’s official Instagram account, Chanyeol said, “Hello, this is Chanyeol. The next [SM STATION] stop will be Chanyeol’s ‘SSFW.’ It’s scheduled to be released on April 25 at 6 p.m.”

It’s my first time releasing a solo [song] since my debut, and it feels very new”. He continued, “I’m really nervous and also very curious to see people’s reactions. I’m feeling a lot of different things at once. Everyone, please look forward to it a lot“.

Chanyeol concluded, “I hope you spend this spring together with my song ‘SSFW.’ Please show a lot of anticipation and love [for the song]!”.

Chanyeol’s solo debut announcement

Chanyeol‘s solo debut ‘SSFW‘ is scheduled for release on April 25 at 6pm KST.

Are you excited to hear Chanyeol‘s solo debut? What do you think the song will sound like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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