C9BOYZ reveals a new member + member Kim Sehoon withdraws from group

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Yes, that is right! We have both good news and bad news regarding C9BOYZ. Which one do you want to hear first? Well, check out both news below to find out what’s happening!

So, for those who have been following the updates of C9BOYZ, we all know about the recent addition of member Sehoon, where some external problems have arisen. The official C9 Entertainment‘s statement addresses this issue: “Hello, this is C9 Entertainment. This is our second announcement in regard to the fourth member, Kim Sehoon. Our sources confirmed that Sehoon did wrong things that he should have done as a student to his second year in middle school. However, it is also true that many of the content spread are false, exaggerated or distored. Breaking the windows of the classroom, damaging the ceiling, throwing chairs was the overall atmosphere of the class, not the fault of Sehoon. After joining the dance club in third grade of middle school, he has been doing his best for his dream. He has always been an example of brightness among his fellow trainees as well as his juniors and was accordingly selected to the debut group. Since the controversy broke out, we have had exclusive interviews with his parents, acquaintances, the debut group members and Kim Sehoon. For the mean time, Kim Sehoon himself has asked us to exclude him from C9BOYZ, worrying about his deep remorse for his misbehaviour in the second grade of middle school and the damage the members will have to suffer due to him. Thus, it has been decided that Sehoon will be excluded from C9BOYZ. We will continue to work with Sehoon to help him achieve his dream. He will do his best to improve his personality and abilities. We will also be taking legal actions against the false rumors about him. As he is now in high school, he is still at a stage that will allow him to pursue his dreams.

Thus, from what has happened so far, Sehoon will not be debuting with C9BOYZ.

In the meantime, they have revealed a new member which has fans quite excited. He may look familiar because he too has participated in YG‘s ‘Treasure Box‘. He was known as Lee Byounggon however he will be promoting under the name BX. Like the other members, he is wearing that lovely white shirt paired up with the light blue jeans. It goes well with the overall vibe.

Meanwhile, we surely can’t wait to see who else will join the group. What do you think of the news and the latest member reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

All Access Asia will keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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