Bumkey has you ‘Dancing On Glass’

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Bumkey has returned with his new single. Within this single, there is a song called ‘Dancing On Glass‘. Instead of a music video, we got a lyrics video instead. So, check out the track below!

Bumkey is one of those singers who has such a beautiful voice to listen to. This song is no exception in allowing his voice to shine. This song has that R&B upbeat vibe that has you grooving along. The track itself is so soothing at times with limited beats, allowing his voice to glide so beautifully on top. However, when it gets to the chorus, you can’t help but dance to it and just enjoy the way his voice enters your ears. Overall, he chose the right song to make a return with.

He also have collaborated with Shawn Choreography where you get to hear him live. He sounds just as good as live as us studio version of this song. The dance choreography is also quite groovy and definitely hypes up the mood of the song.

So, be sure to check out the track above. Did you like the live version? Let us know in the comments below!

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