BLACKPINK wins “Best in Music” Shorty Award!

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Blinks everywhere celebrated when hearing that BLACKPINK won the Shorty Award on the 5th of May for ‘Best In Music’! Shorty awards are where influencers on social media are honored for their presence whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Winners are chosen by a combination of votes from the public and the Real Time Academy which is then presented in a special ceremony in New York.

While the members from BLACKPINK were unable to attend due to their current tour in North America, they left a very special video message to us all in the ceremony! (How sweet!)

Image Screenshot courtesy of Shorty Awards

See their cute thank you video below courtesy of BLACKPINK updates on YouTube!

On the video the members explained their absence but recognized the award and even exclaimed at the end “Thank you Blinks, You’re awesome!” Though the message was short and sweet, it sure made our hearts melt especially with how fluent their English was! YASSS GIRLS!!!! We are so very proud of them!

AND .. on top of this, on the 3rd of May, YG Family announced on their official website that BLACKPINK‘s single ‘Kill This Love’ topped the UK’s 100 charts sitting at number 66, on their 1000th day since their debut! That’s incredible news for them.

Screenshot from BLACKPINK Diaries Ep.1 youtube

We are so very proud of BLACKPINK and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for these four forces of nature!

See all things BLACKPINKon the official facebook:

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