BAE173 drops the longer version of Junseo’s trailer

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BAE173 continues to drop their individual trailers. So, check it out below!

Junseo has revealed a longer version of his trailer. In this trailer, we get to see more of him interacting with oneself on the baseball field. He continues to practice both his pitching and hitting abilities. One can’t help but fall deep into his charms as he lets his personality shine throughout the video.

Yoojun is up next with his teaser. The short teaser features him on his bike before the video ends. In the longer version, we hear this groovy beat as he makes his way around the park. He sees many items in the park and so he picks them up and uses them. It is clear that he is having a wonderful time outdoors.

BIT is next up with his teaser as it features him indoors by a comfy tent. In the long teaser, he explores the beautiful room and enjoys the different items featured in the room. However, once he opened the tent he is left disappointed before he made a wish and lollies then appeared in the room, lifting up his mood. He is definitely such a cutey pie!

Muzin is featured up in the rooftop enjoying his time dancing. The video itself begins with him walking up to an aeroplane flying above him. Then, once he is woken up, he gets himself energised by doing all types of things like swinging the bat and dancing to the vibe of the music. He is definitely having a lot of fun doing so.

J-Min is also seen enjoying his time with music. However, he is enjoying his music indoors with headphones on. In the teaser, we get to see his beautiful smile as he enjoys his time at the music store. He sees many things he likes and plays them in his headphones. His cheeky side is also seen as he sneakily enjoys the music in his ears.

Doha is the last member to drop his individual teaser. He is seen sitting in a lovely blue convertible car around. He definitely looks cool next to that beautiful car. He then switches to a racing kart and enjoys the short course that is set up. He smiles throughout the experience, leaving us with smiles on our own face.

Meanwhile, they will make their debut soon. Are you enjoying the teasers? Let us know in the comments below!

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